For discipleship to be healthy and transformative, community with other disciples is required. Growth Groups provide this community. Groups meet weekly to learn the Bible, pray, and share life with one another.

Heeb Growth Group: Wednesday Nights, 6-7:30pm; for more details, contact John.
Harrison Growth Group: 2nd & 4th Sundays, 2:30-4pm; for more details, contact Pastor Shawn.

*Family Night is every Wednesday night during the school year, with activities for kids, youth, and adults from 6:00-7:30p. For updated information, check our Events page and Facebook page. Parents, be sure to connect with our Facebook groups: Grace Kids and Grace Youth.
An important component of our discipleship process is training people for the work of ministry that God is leading them to do (Ephesians 2:10, 4:12). On Wednesday nights, Ministry Classes offer training in various areas, such as how to study the Bible, leading a Growth Group, talking to others about Jesus, and how to serve your church. Ministry Classes follow the format of Family Night.

2024 Winter & Spring Schedule:
January 10 - February 7 - My Circle Training - How do we join God in making disciples of those we're already in relationship with, while doing things we're already doing?

February 21 - April 17 - God's Big Picture - We'll learn how the entire Bible fits together, as one big picture that God put into motion at the beginning, under the theme of 'The Kingdom of God.'

For more details about classes, contact Pastor Shawn.
On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, ladies gather for a time of study, fellowship, and prayer. Studies will either focus on a book of the Bible or a specific topic from the group. These gatherings are for all ages and open to visitors.

Tuesday mornings at 9:00 - Elaine Hackett's home
Thursday mornings at 9:00 - Betty Kluver's home

Each month, on the third Thursday, Heart to Heart takes place in the coffee area. Heart to Heart offers a place for women to share life, wisdom, encouragement, and prayer with one another. No matter your age or stage in life, you're invited! For more information, check the Events page.

Throughout the year, women of all ages gather for outings and retreats, such as GROW and Oasis. Check the Events page for details about these times.
Throughout the year, men gather to eat, study God's word, and learn how to be Men of Grace. Our aim is to build each other up, so that we are able to build up our families as God leads us. All our gatherings are for all ages and open to visitors.

Check the Events page for details about when we meet again.
As a local church of the Missionary Church family, "we recognize the gifts of the Holy Spirit as taught in Scripture to be valid gifts for the church today." These gifts are given by the Holy Spirit, to individuals, in order to serve and build up the church, and to glorify God. At Grace, we equip people in part by helping them discover their gifting and how their gifting fits into the overall vision of Grace Missionary. Click the Gifts Table to launch a free Spiritual Gifts Test. To get involved in the ministries of Grace, click here.

I am the vine; you are the branches. the one who abides in Me & I in them produces much fruit, because you can do nothing without me.

John 15:5